11:11 Shirt

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11:11 Shirt

Support our small press & look cool doing it! You will be the only person within a hundred-mile radius who has one of these shirts (probably). Maybe, one thousand miles (likely). Ten thousand miles (only if you’re Shane Jesse Christmass). There are so few of these in existence, you’ll probably be able to sell it on eBay in ten years for 10x the price you purchased it for. But. By that time money will have no value and you’ll be happy to have this 100% lightweight cotton shirt to keep your tentacles warm.

1. A towel (Yes. This is a Douglas Adams joke.)
2. A hand puppet (Entertainment for after the apocalypse.)
3. Bandage for a large wound (First aid for during the apocalypse.)
4. A flag for your new village. (Patriotism for after the apocalypse.)
5. Fire (Just fire. It will burn. All things, with enough perseverance, burn. [Flammability not guaranteed])
6. A tent for squirrels. (Housing for your village.)
7. Carrying sharp, cold, or hot stones.
8. Straining dirty water to filter rocks and particulates.
9. Snap it at people to protect your stones.
10. Use it to wrap gifts or sandwiches
11. BONUS: use it as a sail in a makeshift sailboat (Willllsssson!)

People will notice you with your new 11:11 gear. If you’re a wallflower introvert (like us) this new kind of attention might be frightening. Don’t fret! Or turn into a puddle at their feet! We’ve got you covered with this fail-proof 11:11 script designed to make you AS COOL as the brand you’re advertising.

THEM: “Hey, what does your t-shirt mean?”
YOU: “It's a small press in Minnesota.”
THEM: "I love Graywolf press!”
YOU: “…”
THEM: “I love small press books. Actually, I only read books published by small presses.”
YOU: “…”
THEM: “It’s so cool that you read books, too…”
YOU: “…”


Made from a soft and breathable 100% lightweight cotton. Pre-shrunk. Wash with colors (unless you like it when your clothes bleed all over each other).