11:11 Year Four Bundle - 2021

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11:11 Year Four Bundle - 2021

Every book from our 4th year

1. Rituals Performed in the Absence of Ganymede by Mike Corrao
2. Soft-Focus Slaughterhouse by Dylan Krieger
3. Fidelitoria: Fixed or Fluxed by Candice Wuehle
4. Philosophy of the Sky by Evan Isoline
5. Drifter (summer) by David Leo Rice
6. Bright Stupid Confetti by Gary J. Shipley
7. A Bell Curve Is a Pregnant Straight Line by Vi Khi Nao
8. The Vegas Dilemma by Vi Khi Nao
9. The Secret Diary of a Sound Cloud Rapper by Young Stepdad
10. (Run-Off Sugar) Crystal Lake by Logan Berry