Alien by Ali Raz [OUT NOW!]

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Alien by Ali Raz [OUT NOW!]

In a city infested with aliens, a haunted alien hunter sets out on a hazardous quest involving a secret radio station, a seemingly omniscient group called “The Syndicate,” and a host of either friends or foes. Laced with intergalactic paranoia, soft-boiled charisma, and the slick ambience of a horror show, these streets will permit only one outcome…

// An exhilaratingly quiet adventure of extraterrestrial proportions. – Vi Khi Nao

// Alien is a rogue transmission from the xenomorphic cityscape. Tune into the signal. – Mike Corrao

// Noirish, enigmatic, hilarious, and queer AF, Alien is a must! – Jessica Alexander

// Ali Raz’s neo-noir Alien is a story of blood and lipstick written in “mirrored handwriting." – Candice Wuehle

// These pages throb and sparkle, revealing glimmers of defiant life in a world where nothing can live. – David Leo Rice

// A brilliant fable of belonging and not-belonging, of having and seeking, of being alien, unawares. — Steve Tomasula


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