'Drifter: Stories' by David Leo Rice

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  • 'Drifter: Stories' by David Leo Rice

'Drifter: Stories' is a massive collection that contains a decade's worth of short fiction by visionary writer David Leo Rice, with work first published in 'The Fanzine', 'The Rumpus', 'Black Clock', 'DIAGRAM' and elsewhere.

We're doing this one a little different: during the pre-order of 'Drifter: Stories' you can choose one of two covers, either the 'Summer' cover or the 'Winter' cover, both designed by Mike Corrao. The contents of each book are identical.

Whichever cover gets the most purchases during the pre-order will become the 'standard' version sold once the pre-order period ends. The cover with fewer purchases will be discontinued and will become a limited edition. You can choose to buy one or the other, or choose both at a discount.

Every pre-order also comes with a chapbook containing David's story 'The Hate Room' designed by Matthew Revert.

'Drifter: Stories' contains:

'The Brothers Squimbop' (First published in 'The Fanzine')
'Egon's Parents' (First published in 'The Last Magazine')
'The Meadows' (First published in 'The Collagist)
'Circus Sickness' (First published in 'Cosmonauts Avenue')
'Housesitter' (First published in 'Birkensnake')
'Living Boy' (First published in 'Black Clock')
'Out on the Coast' (First published in 'The Rumpus')
'In the Cabin up on Stilts' (First published in 'Black Clock')
'The Hate Room' (First published in 'New Haven Review')
'Gmunden' (First published in 'The Collagist')
'The Painless Euthanasia Roller Coaster' (First published in 'Catapult')
'The Brothers Squimbop in Europe' (First published in 'The Rupture')
'Jell-O' (First published in 'DIAGRAM')
'Sandman Crescent' (First published in 'The Collagist')
'The Right Town' (First published in 'Collected Voices in the Expanded Field)