'Fidelitoria: Fixed or Fluxed' by Candice Wuehle (Book Only)

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'Fidelitoria: Fixed or Fluxed' by Candice Wuehle (Book Only)

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Fidelitoria: Fixed or Fluxed navigates interior landscapes, personal cosmology, and the manner in which language shapes our being and being shapes our language via acts of séance, tarot, alchemical interpretation, and psychoanalysis. These are poems written in the wild swing of the scrying stone, poems that ask how to create an identity in the way of perpetual change, constant self-interrogation, and ever shifting psychogeography. What does it mean to live in the orb of uncertainty? To be neither here nor there, neither fixed nor fluxed?

Poems written by Candice Wuehle, designed by Mike Corrao.