Stealth Anxiety Megamix - DEFENSIVE EDITION

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Stealth Anxiety Megamix - DEFENSIVE EDITION

Limited / Numbered / Signed

Limited to 5 copies

Mike Corrao's Stealth Anxiety Megamix is an exploration of memetics, assemblages, and the architectural nature of the book object. Bound in sandpaper. Stained with dried blood, sweat, the indentations of staples, tears in fabric. The book becomes a weapon. A blunt object. A tool to destroy other books. To shred the bodies of all who touch it.

Inside, Corrao summons a range of otherworldly images. Vampires staked to burning oil rigs. Labyrinthine murder plots. Telepathic communiques. All occupying a flooded planet. Supersaturated in violence.

With time, your climate anxiety will only worsen.

• ISBN: no
• Grit: #120
• Highest quality Zirconia grains
• Extra heavy X-weight cloth backing
• Resin on resin bond

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